2020 Track Spiritwear

Here's what we're looking at for 2020.

1. Gray Short Sleeve Moisture-wicking shirt: Gray moisture-wicking t-shirt with a one color (maroon) front design. The same shirt will be available as a standard cotton t-shirt (below).

Cotton t-shirt: standard gray cotton shirt with a one color (maroon) front design.

2. Black (Champion Vapor) Long Sleeve shirt: black moisture-wicking long sleeve shirt with a two color (maroon and blue) front design that includes the Assumption "A".

3. Sweatshirt: sweatshirt with a two color (maroon and blue) front design that includes the Assumption "A", and an optional last name in blue on the back. We will offer both a crew neck and hooded sweatshirt option (same logo on front, and with a last name option on both).

4. Asics Running Pants: these are the black Asics Aptitude 2 running pant, the same type of running pant that we allow the Elite Group girls to order at the end of Cross Country. In the past, we didn't want to duplicate the ordering of these pants but they may be discontinued soon, so we decided to open up the ordering of this pant to the track girls. The pants are black, something you can train in during cold days without any real loss of performance and they will include an embroidered logo at the top of the left leg.

5. Sweatpants: black sweatpants with a three color (maroon, blue, white) front design on the left hip that includes the Assumption "A", and two color (maroon and white) design on the right leg.

6. Backpack: Adidas Stadium II backpack with an “Assumption Track & Field” logo and each girl's last name embroidered below that.

7. Nike Featherlight Cap: a black Nike hat made out of dri-fit material with "Rocket Track & Field" embroidered across the front.