Best Relay Performances per Season

The lists below were (primarily) compiled from printed results in the Courier Journal and Louisville Times. Because some results were never printed and most were incomplete, it is possible that some performances were not included below. If you can provide any information regarding any performances that are not included below, then please contact me by email.

All times available through the links below are reported as FAT. Handtimes are adjusted by rounding up to the next higher tenth, followed by adding 0.24 seconds to the result (* = converted handtime). An "X" indicates that the time was converted from yards to meters (go here for an explanation on that conversion). To see a historical list of relay times from their original yard distances, click here.

  • 4 x 100 meter relay
  • 4 x 200 meter relay
  • 4 x 400 meter relay
  • 4 x 800 meter relay
  • 4 x 1600 meter relay
  • 4 x 100 meter Shuttle Hurdle relay
  • 800 meter Sprint Medley relay (100-100-200-400)
  • 1600 meter Sprint Medley relay (200-200-400-800)
  • 2400 meter Mid-Distance Medley relay (800-400-400-800)
  • 4000 meter Distance Medley relay (1200-400-800-1600)